For Love and Money Slots

Everyone has fallen in love at one time or another. This is a timeless emotion that has been depicted in different media through the ages. William Shakespeare wrote one of the seminal love stories in Romeo & Juliet. There have been several classic romantic films made through the years. Some include Titanic, When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Casablanca and Grease. Valentine's Day is even a holiday dedicated to the idea of love and romance. People buy their significant other a card, chocolates, flowers or even something nicer to celebrate their love.

There is a slot machine all about romance. This one is entitled For Love And Money. The game has up to 15 lines that one can wager on. There are 5 reels.

The wild symbol is the poet character that is shown in the video intro. He is depicted writing down the story of how the Hunk saves the Redhead from the bad guys in the park. The cherub angel Cupid is the angel of love. He appears in the slot machine. The Hunk is the hero of the story so it is logical that he appears as a reel symbol. The Big Bad Guy and the Villain are also in the game. A Feather & Ink was how people wrote back in the old days. This is a reference to the video before the game loads with the poet jotting down the story. The Redhead and the Hunk eventually become one so it is logical both her symbol and the Couple symbol are in the game. Traditional romantic symbols like a rose, lovebirds, chocolates and a candle are also in the game.

Cupid Equals Free Spins

The Cupid symbol is one to keep an eye out for. This can equal free spins. Three, four, or five of the Cupid symbols popping up on the line can add up to ten free spins. This round has a 3x multiplier. The great aspect with this mode is that it is free. One does not need to wager additional funds to potentially win more.

The game lets you choose how many coins you want to put into each spin. One feature in the game is autoplay. This allows you to choose how you want the game to play itself. Pressing spin for each game won't be required. Convenience is certainly an advantage to this feature.

Go to your online casino. Play For Love And Money. You'll fall in love with this slot game!