Banking is the department that every player must look at to make sure there is a suitable way for him to send money securely and instantly to the casino. The 24 VIP Casino offers a wide variety of ways to send money to the casino securely and instantly. Every transaction is 100% secure and encrypted and this assures the player and leaves him able to enjoy the casino games in real time and with no concerns about his money transfers.

Numerous Ways to Send Money

The list of ways to deposit money at the casino includes credit and debit cards, e-wallets and even Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a new concept for many players. The Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is traded, it is created from mining and is made up of complex algorithms. This insures its security and that it can never be duplicated. To use Bitcoin the player must open a Bitcoin wallet before buying Bitcoins. The Bitcoin can be transferred from the wallet directly to the casino once the player has chosen Bitcoin as his deposit option. Other deposit options are e-wallets, that are just as secure. The player opens an e-wallet account such as Neteller or Paysafecard and transfers funds from his personal accounts to the e-wallet. When ready to place bets at the casino the player simply chooses his e-wallet option in the banking section of the casino, enters his user name and password and selects how much he wants to send to the casino. The e-wallet insures that the players personal financial information is never divulged.

Withdrawing Winnings Safely

In the same way that deposits are made, withdrawals can also be made once the player has received confirmation and approval from the casino management team. The approval takes up to 24 hours and the withdrawal can take a few days depending on the method chosen. The casino assures the full security and confidentiality of each transaction in real time.