Instant Play

Instant Play means just that! Players are instantly accessed to all of the games offered and the great promotions and everything else at the casino. There is no waiting around and no need for anything to be downloaded. The instant play or play now as it is sometimes called is played directly from the web browser of the casino. The player does not have to do anything to access the casino apart from entering his user name and password.

All the Services of Instant Play

Players at the instant play casino benefit from the same excellent customer service and support and the same generous promotions. The welcome offers is the same and players enjoy the 24 free spins for the first 10 days of play at the casino. At the instant casino players can automatically join the VIP club where they receive extra benefits enjoying the cashback and other offers while still playing all games without downloading anything. And, at the instant casino the player is able to successfully transfer funds in no time enabling him to enjoy the casino games in real time and with no waiting around. Playing casino games in real time is a huge advantage that is offered at this casino and one that is often overlooked.