VIP Club

Everyone is a VIP at this casino but there is also an option to become an even more VIP. VIP as most people are aware means Very Important Person/Player. Everyone is important at the casino but those players that dedicate more of their time and money to the casino are rewarded for their loyalty. The VIP Club has four levels that start at silver, then gold, then platinum then the top level is diamond.

Being Rewarded for Loyalty

At each level of the VIP Club the player is given more value for his loyalty. In addition to personal casino managers, the player benefits from percentage cash backs on deposits made each day, high limit withdrawals, same day withdrawals and many extra promotions. At the initial silver level the player receives 5% cash back on every deposit every day, the gold level gives the player 10% cash back daily, the platinum level gives the player 15% cash back daily and the top platinum level gives the player an incredible 20% cash back daily. This is in addition to many extra bonuses, promotions and special conditions that the player benefits from. It is nice to be a VIP at the already VIP Casino.

Be the Very Important Person at the 24vipmobilecasino

Everyone is important at the casino but players who are loyal and spend more time and money at the casino are treated even better. This does not detract from the regular players who benefit from loyalty points and all sorts of promotions. But being a member of the VIP loyalty club is the best option for any player and the truth is that as soon as a first deposit is made by a casino player he becomes a VIP. There are four different levels to the VIP club and each one offers the player something more and exciting and rewarding for joining the casino and being loyal to the casino.

Registered Players Immediately Join the VIP Loyalty Club

The first silver level is the level that every player joins at. As a silver member the player benefits from weekly bonuses of up to 100%, daily cashback's of 10% up to a value of $500 and monthly cashback's of 5% up to a value of $1000. This is in addition to the personal casino managers and constant support and help that the casino offers. The next level is called Gold and in order for a player to join this level, apart from needing to deposit on a regular basis the player also has to have been registered at the casino for at least 30 days in order to move up to the gold level, and submit is personal security documents. At the gold level the player receives a much higher daily cashback of 20% to the value of $1000 and his monthly cashback is 10% up to the value of $1500 with a weekly bonus of 150%.

The Benefits of Being a Top Casino Player

The next two levels are considered the top top levels and players who are super loyal and spend lots of money at the casino are treated to a rise in their levels and can reach first the platinum and then the diamond levels. The platinum level gives players a weekly bonus of up to 200% and the diamond level gives players a weekly bonus of up to 250%. Daily cashback's at platinum level are 25% to the value of $2500 and for the top diamond level the player receives 30% up to the value of $3000. Monthly cashback's are also high with the top diamond level receiving 20% up to $5000 and the platinum receiving 15% to the value of $3000. The top VIP club members are also rewarded with personal casino managers and many special offers and treats that are advertised from time to time on the VIP page and also through the personal casino managers. The VIP club is a good thing and it encourages players to stay loyal t the casino especially as each level earns comp points that can be swapped for real money to use at the casino. The higher the level, the higher the ratio of rewards the player receives.