Flash Games

Instantly accessible casino games at all times of the day or night is a huge advantage for the player that is often overlooked. The player does not have to wait for the games to download, and the games do not take up any room on the players hard drive because they are played directly from the web browser of the casino. The player often takes this for granted and does not realize what a huge advantage this is.

Every Type of Game

The flash casino games are instantly accessible and there are hundreds to choose from. There are slots of every style and type, table games and instant win casino games. The slots are extremely popular and include three reel classic games, five reel video slots and progressive slots. There are interactive slots with progressive story lines, there are 3D animated slots and there are slots with on and off screen bonuses. Each game offers something different to the player and each game can be reviewed and played for fun before the player places real money bets. The graphics are phenomenal and the sound gives the player a true feeling for the theme that adds to the overall experience.

Rival 3-Reel Slots

Rival 3 Reel slots are part of the excellent games offered by this award-winning software company. The three-reel slots are all digital and offer players all the details of the game on screen in real time. Next to the reels players can see the pay table that details all the winning options. There are games with just one payline and there are games with multiple paylines, but usually no more than five. Each game has a theme, and some include bonus symbols or wilds that can substitute for other symbols and in this way help to complete winning payouts. A popular bonus option with some of the three-reel slots games are bonus trails. The player works his way around the bonus trail when triggered earning more prizes, free spins and sometimes jackpot amounts. There are a number of slots that also include progressive jackpots that can be won when landing a certain configuration of symbols or totally at random adding to the excitement of the game. The Rival 3 Reel slots can be played for fun or real money online and at mobile casinos.

Rival 5-Reel Slots

The Rival 5 Reel slots are digitally enhanced exciting slots games that include multiple paylines or winning ways. Each game has a theme and a style, and this is the subject of the game that the player is drawn to. The themes vary from game to game and include visits to ancient empires, fantasy symbols and figures and even sometimes current affairs. Players may try out any of the 5-reel slots games in fun mode before placing real money bets. Each game includes special features that vary from game to game. The special features can be anything from wilds that substitute and multiply payouts to scatters that reward players with multiplying payouts and free spins. Bonus symbols create entry options to special bonus games that may be further free spins, pick and win options, new screens with new symbols and payouts, bonus wheels and more. With so many different variations possible the 5-reel slots are truly exciting and fun to play especially when they include a progressive or random progressive jackpot adding to the winning chances offered in the game.

Rival I-Slots

Rival I-slots are the signature slots games from Rival Powered Gaming, these games offer an interactive story where the player progresses through the game with each choice that he makes, giving him more winning options and payouts. The progressive themes unlock at different levels after landing different achievements in the game and some will unlock new screens and bonuses where the player can win more and more payouts and bonus options as he progresses through the game. The best thing about the I-slots is that the player can leave the game and come back to it at a later stage and the game will not have reset, in other words, the player can continue with the progressive story where he left off. Playing Rival, I-slots is about getting into a story and helping it to develop. They can be thought as storytelling slots where the player is part of the creative group.

Betsoft 3D Slots

All the Betsoft Casino games are 3D, Betsoft is known for its high-quality 3D slots with High Definition graphics. For over a decade Betsoft has been creating excellent casino games that include many different slots. The games include fantastic visual effects, animation and wonderful sound in a screen that is filled with color and excitement. The 3D slots characters and symbols literally pop out of the screen at players giving them an unforgettable experience and best of all they can be enjoyed online and through mobile devices. The mobile 3D slots are suited for both iOS and Android devices and give the player the same wonderful experience with clear graphics and great sound, despite the smaller screen. New slots games are constantly being developed and produced and are brought to the screens after being tested and tried out. Playing 3D slots gives the player a more exciting and real experience that is vivid and exciting and makes use of the best digital technologies in the world today.

Betsoft 3 Reel Slots

The three-reel slots are also called basic or classic slots games but when talking about Betsoft nothing is standard or classic. Each game is unique and has a subject or theme that the player can identify with. Some of the games are with just one payline whereas others have multiple paylines across the three reels. And there are games that also include progressive jackpots that can be won when landing a certain configuration of symbols or random progressive jackpots which are awarded totally at random. Each game details the payouts either on a pay table next to the reels or on a pay table on a separate screen. The game can include wild symbols that substitute for other symbols and help complete winning payouts at the same time as also offering a multiplying factor. There are games with free spins and games with nudges where the player can move different reels once or more in order to get closer to a winning payout. Some of the three-reel slots games include a bonus trail that is at the side of the screen and the player works his way around the bonus trail earning further payouts, free spins and other prizes. All the three-reel slots can be played in fun mode before placing real money bets.

Betsoft 5 Reel Slots

The five-reel slots are also called video slots. These games are complex yet extremely rewarding to the lucky player. Some games have set paylines and some have no set paylines, instead they have winning ways. Each game is different with a theme and special symbols that complement the theme and give the player an unforgettable experience. There are games with wilds and scatters that substitute for other symbols and offer multiplying payouts. There are games with bonus symbols that lead to further bonus games and there are games with on- and off-screen bonuses that can be anything from free spins to bonus wheels, pick and win games and even progressive winning options that increase with every correct guess. Some of the five reels lots include a random progressive jackpot that can be won at any time when playing the real money version of the game and others include progressive jackpots that can only be won when landing a certain configuration of symbols. Each game is unique and can be played for fun before placing real money bets with multiple coin sizes. And all the Betsoft 5-reel slots can also be found on mobile devices, being available for both Android and iOS devices. New slots are introduced regularly giving the player games that are just as exciting and have undergone testing after much research. The Betsoft slots are outstanding in every way.