Strike Gold Slots

Gold remains one of the most sought after natural metals of the earth, its value does fluctuate but it never really loses its value. In this three reel one payline slots game that includes a progressive jackpot, gold is definitely the central theme of the game. Players will immediately enjoy the gold based screen that includes gold bars, gold pots, gold eggs and everything gold as part of the symbols that make up the game. The payouts for this game are seen at the right hand side of the screen where players can see what the highest paying symbols are.

One or Two Coins Per Spin

When playing this game, players can place one or two coins per spin. The size of the coin bet is set at $1 so the player can either place a single coin bet of $1 or a two coin bet of $2 per spin. The progressive jackpot can only be won when the player has placed a two coin bet. The progressive jackpot is awarded if the player lands three of the logos of the game on the active payline. With a single coin bet and three of the active logos the player wins 2000 coins. This logo also acts as a wild symbol with one logo doubling any payouts that it helps to complete and two of the logos will quadruple any paylines that it helps to complete. This game is simple, easy and very rewarding to play with the progressive jackpot increasing in value with every real money bet that is placed and the amount of the jackpot showing on the top of the screen.