Whospunit Slots

Whospunit slots is not just a slots game, it is a story and an adventure. In the mansion of Mr. Wellington late at night, a murder occurs, and it is up to the player with the other characters in the game to try and solve the mystery. This game has five reels and thirty payline sand includes a number of special features including free spins and clue coin spins that have three different levels. The characters in this game are all 3D and animated providing players with an exciting adventure that is much more than a regular slots game. As with all top Betsoft games, Whospunit slots can be played in fun mode before placing real money bets of up to $150 per spin using a variety of coin sizes and placing up to five coins per spin.

Clue Coins and Free Spins with Timing Stop and Start

The game commences with a clock running at the top of the screen. The clock is set for five minutes and during this time players need to collect clue coins that will lead to clue spins. The clue coins when appearing on different symbols are noted at the side of the screen. If during the time, free spins are won, the clock will stop until the end of the free spins. Players win 10 free spins when one of each character appears on the screen, each on different paylines. Before the free spins start, the player has to choose one of the characters that will give him a bonus boost for the free spins. Miss Ellie the amid doubles the amount of free spins to 20. Dr Van Austren, the mad scientist, gives players an extra 1-5 random wilds. Mr. Wellington triples payouts and offers two ways pay during the free spins and Miss Chatham will multiply all winnings earned during the free spins 6x. Covington the butler assigns a random wild reel for the duration of the free spins.

Solving the Mystery

At the end of the five minutes count down the player wins his chance to play the first level of the clue games. The first level is the murder weapon and the symbols on the screen change to reflect this and the player enjoys the number of clue spins that he won. If he finds the murder weapon, he moves to the next level which is the murder location followed by the culprit. If the player manages to solve the clue collection, he can trigger the second bonus game when the evidence symbol appears on the center reel. At each level of the game, the player wins more and more payouts and can multiply each bonus and earn more. It is a delightful game that is much more than a regular slot and is thoroughly entertaining at every level.