Costume Party Slots

Costume Party slots is not a standard slots game, this is a game with a difference. In this game players will meet lots of different characters that they could potentially dress up to be. There are superheros and there are sexy witches, there are naughty nurses and there is even a Frankenstein. Players can place bets on one, two or three coins across the three reels. These reels are not standard reels,they spin from side to side and the player needs to complete the three main body parts of a character in order to win.

Winning Sideways Spins

A wild symbol acts as a a middle section of a costume and can substitute for any of the character costumes and help complete one. The highest paying costume is the monster who awards 5400 coins when three land on the screen with a three coin bet. With a two coin bet the player receives 3600 coins and with a single coin bet the player receives 1800 coins. Players should definitely try out this game before placing real money bets as this is the only way to understand how these special reels spin sideways. When ready to place real money bets, the player can choose coin sizes that start at $0.01 and reach as high as $5 per coin giving a maximum bet of $15 per spin. This is a clever three reel slots game that gives the player a totally different way to enjoy a colorful and exciting game.