Sensational Sixes Slots

Retro Gaming is fun and it can also be very profitable with this three reel slots game that includes three different wild symbols. There is just one payline in this game where players can place bets starting at $0.10 per coin size and as much as $10 with the option of placing one, two or three coins per bet. The symbols in this game are all rather retro and include the different card suits in their retro design and also bar symbols.

Three Wilds with Extra Payouts

Sensational Sixes has three different wild symbols and when these wilds appear together the player is rewarded with the highest payouts. The 2x appears on reel 1, the 4x appears on reel 2 and the 6x appears on reel 3. With all three appearing and a three coin bet the player wins 3000 coins, with a two coin bet the player wins 2000 coins and with a single coin bet the player wins 1000 coins. On their own each wild symbol acts as a multiplier according to the number it is defined with for a single coin bet, for a two coin bet the value of the payout increases and with a three coin bet the player wins the most. A three coin bet and the 6x multiplier on screen awards the player 18 coins, the 4x wild awards the player 12 coins and the 2x wild with a three coin bet awards the player 6 coins. This Sensational Sixes game is easy to play and can be extremely rewarding.