Midas Touch Slots

King Midas was not a pleasant King, he loved gold and loved every kind of rich element or item. King Midas was not very good at sharing and this was one of the characteristics that he was best known for. This very simple slots game with its three reels and three paylines is a tribute to the King who was not very generous.

Winning the Midas Gold

Players are able to place single coin bets, two coins or three coins per spin and they can choose the coin size that best suits their personal budget. Where possible it is always a good idea to place the maximum coin bet and this gives the player the highest payouts. Symbols in the game include all of the classic slots symbols including different colored fruits. The most important symbol is the gold bars. Everything in this game has a tinge of gold to it. The highest paying symbol is the gold bar. Three of the gold bars on the payline with a single coin bet awards the player 500 coins. With a two-coin bet the player receives 1000 coins and with a three-coin bet the player receives 2000 coins. All the details of the payouts are on the side of the reels where the player can see which symbols award what amounts according to the number of coin bets placed.