Windy Farm Slots

Farms have played a big role in American life and culture over the years. A popular kids song is entitled Old McDonald had a farm. Movies have been made about farm culture. Some famous ones include Field of Dreams, The Wizard of Oz, Chicken Run, Babe, and Witness. Country music often incorporates farm life into its songs. Charlie Daniels made a song entitled American Farmer. Some farmers execute the practice of subsistence. They eat what they grow and sell another portion. Others are bigger. This gets more into industrial agriculture. Some of these farms have products that are in grocery stores like the butterball turkey company.

The theme of Windy Farm slot is rather appropriately based in agriculture. This game allows you to bet up to 50 lines on its grid. Windy Farm allows online gamblers to wager from $1.25 all the way up to $62.50 a spin. This means that they welcome all types of gamblers not just the high rollers.

One of the reel symbols in Windy Farm slot is a smiling pig. This is a natural inclusion given that the theme of the game is a farm. Another animal that is included is a horse. Goats are often found on farms. Thus, it is logical that a goat is included in Windy Farm as a slot machine reel symbol. A lot of slot machines often have the poker symbols. King, Jack, Ace, Queen, and Ten appear in this game. A wheel barrow and a water can are common farm tools. It is no surprise that they both appear in this game as slot machine reel symbols. The graphics are well done and in keeping with the theme.

Keep An Eye Out For The Bull

One thing to keep an eye out for is the free spin. This comes in the form of a bull. Three bulls will equal seven free spins. The horse shoe is the big symbol that you are chasing. Five horse shoes equals a payout of 1500 times your bet. There are other winnings amounts for other combinations in addition. This is a really great feature because it opens the door to players potentially winning more without having to wager more. The potential for free spin profits to grow your bankroll just like how a farmer grows his crops is there.

I am sure you have heard the expression bet the farm. Well now you can enjoy a farm slot machine without having to bet the farm.